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CRM setup and customization

CRM setup and customization

CRM software allows you to manage interactions with all future and existing customers. By investing your company’s bottom line through increased sales and customer relations you can increase the impact of your business’ CRM software. At Desevens we build CRM systems to fit your business model, structure and processes. CRM is so much more than a marketing tool, it is one of the most efficient way to manage the interactions that occur in customer relation journey. CRM is also an essential step for the growth of business, either you are hoping to attract new businesses or to retain it. Our experts ensure they assemble a system that deals with our client’s specific needs, by conducting a deep analysis of their business, helping our clients connect with their customers on a new level. If you are a company looking to setup a CRM, we may be able to assist you when you contact us.

What you need to know about CRM and what it does for you

When it comes to your sales team handling practical tasks, CRM helps your company achieve this. It helps keep track of your company’s daily tasks, prompts you of follow-ups and helps you organise a list of calls and emails. CRM has various features that allow you have spare time to attend to your customers such as the home page tool (task management) helps you gather your to do lists for the day.  You can also use the CRM analysis tool, to evaluate information and produce rapid reports when presenting in a meeting. CRM can also be used to remove duplicated work, coordinate data and so on.