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Google AdWords – PPC

Google AdWords – PPC

PPC nowadays is always evolving, the scenery, consumer determination, knowledge, and stages continue to change daily. At Desevens, we may have the precise professionals, technology and tactic to certify your compensated activities is at the lead of digital innovation. Pay per click is an example of one of the most cost-effective method when it comes to advertising on both websites and search engines. All you do is make payments when a user clicks on your ad, granting you control on how much a click costs. In the PPC platform, the most popular is google AdWords, which is segmented into (remarketing, YouTube, display, and search). There are other PPC advertising applications aside Google such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and so on, we also use all these other apps listed for our clients.

Facts to acknowledge when preparing and Analysing a PPC audit to improve your PPC ads

When it comes to improving the quality of your business score and delivering better outcomes for your business, PPC could be a very multifaceted setup with so many different factors that could be reformed to reduce cost. Some common errors we find are poor quality ad duplicate, incorrect landing page procedure, not been cost effective on display network, poor use of negatives and so on. When identifying your mistakes and where improvements can be made to enable budget efficiency, we have to first look at your recent PPC setup to achieve all this. When it comes to making sure we meet your PPC campaign requirements, that ensuring that it is been tracked correctly and we are able to determine how effective specific PPC campaigns are for your business, we achieve this by using the Google analytics set up. A paid search can be a difficult one to understand but when it comes to making campaigns it may be the most profitable. Here at Desevens we may be your best bet at achieving this.

Taking advantage of Bing and yahoo PPC

At Desevens we help create campaigns to enable our clients business take a share of Bings search pie, which enhances the chances of finding new audiences and this helps you reduce your cost per click. This also ensures your business a lower cost per conversion and increment in value for a lifetime. Even if it is a fact that most people use google, Bing and yahoo still has an impressive status in the search market worldwide. When it comes to paid search platforms, Bing and yahoo are some of the popular but they still tend to be ignored by a lot of advertisers. We also use Bing and yahoo to run campaigns for several of our clients and realise that no matter how small the search volume is compared to Google, traffic comes at a cheaper cost and once can benefit great exposure online once you have the knowledge of the keywords.