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Website and software development

Website and software development

We develop secure, productive web apps with cross-browser compatibility and responsive designs that are user friendly whether on mobile, tablet and desktop. Nowadays, people expect to work and access information from a company when needed, wherever they are. With the help of a web app, companies are more flexible and cost effective. To improve the efficiency of remote migrating employees, an interactive tool can be used to build brand loyalty with your customers. This is where a web app comes in, hereby enhancing your internal system. With the knowledge of our experts, we create attractive and practical website, products and web applications built on modern technologies and outlines, delivered without cost and budget overruns.  We use content management systems to give you total control of your website – guaranteeing productivity, effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use. To find out more ways we can assist you contact us

Getting to know about our CMS development

With the help of our professional and tools such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and so on, we help develop, integrate and migrate your ecommerce project or help build a customized CMS from scratch. We use content management systems to give you total control of your website guaranteeing productivity, effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use. CMS today is more than an engine that updates content and has changed itself into a customer experience platform, granting our customers a 360 degrees view. These days users and customers progressively search for assuring content to help them make buying decisions. In order to make sure your content is guaranteed, it has to be supported by a compact, technical, structured and elegant CMS.

How we can help you by using a CMS development system

Our development responsibilities involve content management integration which would enable you full control over your website. We work with several CMS platforms from open-source to high-end, extensive CMS that is Sitecore. If you are a company in search of an internal web app to help you manage staff costs, structure a web app that will enable you resell to your clients or an app that would reform your customer service system, we may be able to work hand in hand with you to help you achieve an intuitive web app that will attract your target audience. We could also have one on one meetings to help understand your business and what your new app needs, to meet your customer’s requirements and whom, when and where to deliver to. We offer services such as a coordinated database back-end, a combination of client portal system, a CRM back-end, a web app that compliments your new or existing website and so on.

What you need to know about a responsive web application

At Desevens, all the web application we construct are usually responsive. To identify a responsive web application, a web app must look great and must be in perfect working order on any screen size either a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. We accomplish this by adapting menus, controls and other visuals, based on the current screen resolution, width and height. This ensures that users get the best experience, you can also trace the action of the working condition of a web app, by resizing the window on the website or visiting your smartphone to ensure everything works fine.